Drug found in bath salts is bath salts, police say

A federal agent said Saturday that federal authorities found a drug called bath salts in a bathtub that had been used to make ecstasy.

The DEA said in a statement that agents arrested a man on Saturday and seized two packets of the drug, which was seized during a search of a suburban Denver apartment.

Bath salts were sold online as a way to boost your mood, but the DEA says it can also have severe effects.

The drug can cause hallucinations, delusions and even death.

It’s the latest in a string of seizures of the psychoactive drug that the DEA said it seized in January.

Authorities have seized dozens of bath salts and other substances in recent weeks, including several pounds of methamphetamine, according to DEA data.

A person can take bath salts to make themselves feel better, but it can lead to hallucinations and a rapid rise in the amount of the substance in the body, according the DEA.