Drug war in PH to continue with 2 more states, more than 5,000 arrests

The Philippine Drug War is continuing, with at least two more states and more than five,000 arrested so far in the ongoing war, a police official told Fox News.

President Rodrigo Duterte announced on Tuesday that the Philippines would not end the drug war until the country is “stable and secure.”

“If it is stable and secure, the country will move on to the next phase,” the Philippine National Police (PNP) said in a statement.

“We are not going to stop fighting until the nation is secure.”

The latest arrest was made by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on March 27.

It followed a police raid in the southern city of Camarines Sur on April 1, when police found and arrested 11 people suspected of drug trafficking.

The raid resulted in the deaths of 14 people, most of them suspected drug traffickers.

The Philippines has reported more than 7,000 drug-related deaths since the start of Duterte’s war on drugs in late June, according to figures released by the government.

That includes at least 2,000 deaths attributed to the drug trade.

The Philippine government is currently working to end the war with drugs and has announced an extra $4.5 billion in spending to fund police and other public services.

The Philippine National Development Reform Commission (PNDRC) is overseeing the fight against the war.