‘I’m Not Your Daddy’ star Michael Kors’ new ‘Lil Wayne’ album drops exclusively on ‘The Fader’

I love Lil Wayne, but when I first saw the cover of Lil Wayne’s latest album, “I’m not your daddy,” it made me question everything.

The man is a star, a pop icon.

He has sold more than one million records and was voted by Rolling Stone as the most influential artist of all time.

I was born and raised in Detroit, and I’m a loyal fan of the city.

But when I got to know Lil Wayne through the years, I found him to be a very different man.

He was a young man, he was a gang member, he had a lot of alcohol in his system, he made some bad decisions.

And he was the kind of guy that you want to be around.

I didn’t know what I was in for, but it was something I wanted to experience.

I can’t imagine how that would have turned out.

The album was titled “Lil” and it’s an intense, soulful album that feels like an intimate, personal tribute to his late father, Michael, who was a tough dude.

Lil Wayne was also in “I Don’t Like Drugs,” a collaborative project with The Roots.

“LIL” is the album that would lead to “I Like Drinks,” which is the follow-up to “Lets Go,” a collaboration with Big Boi.

“I Can’t Stand the Light,” the first single off “Lils,” is a pop-rock track about losing your soul to drugs and violence.

It is, without a doubt, one of the best-crafted songs in Lil Wayne history.

“Don’t Let Me Go,” which was released earlier this year, is a track that’s been in the works for years.

It features a beat from the Black Eyed Peas, as well as guest appearances from Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Beyonce, Drake, Rihanna, Justin Timberlough and Lil Wayne.

But it is not just about the songs.

It’s about the message, the message is, ‘You’re not my daddy, you’re not a hero, you got nothing to do with this.

You’re a failure.’

That’s something I think all artists have to deal with, but I can never get enough of Lil.

I’m not talking about me as a person, I’m talking about him as a songwriter, and he’s always been a creative force.

He’s never been afraid to be his own person and take chances.

And if you listen to his music, you will find that in a way, it’s empowering, it is liberating.

The music is also about the people who were impacted by the drugs and the violence that he dealt with.

The songs speak to a broader issue of drug abuse and addiction, and the music is a testament to how far he’s come.

He started his career in the ’90s as a rapper, but then he moved to hip-hop.

“The game is a tough one, the game is hard,” he said.

“And we have to keep growing.

But I don’t think that I can ever quit, I just hope that the people that are watching me now will keep going and keep giving me opportunities to succeed and keep working hard.”

You can see all the artwork for the album on “The Fada” Instagram page, where the cover art is now available for preorder.

“Dirty Money” is a new single from the album.

It was created in collaboration with the hip-hoorah duo, D.R.A.M. The song is an uplifting song about finding meaning and a better life after the drugs that have taken over your life.

“Every day I wake up and look in the mirror and I look in my face and I realize that I have a different face than I did before,” Wayne said in the video.

“That’s the story of me.”

“Lazy Boy,” is another new single, released this week, featuring Wiz Khalifa.

The track is about Wayne and his son, Jazmyne, who he adopted after they both got into drugs.

“It’s a personal thing that I’m going through,” Wayne told Rolling Stone.

“This isn’t the story that he told me, this is the story I’m trying to tell.

And it’s not like I’m telling him that story to make him happy. I don