‘Kung Bang’ is a term for ‘Killed By Drugs’

A video uploaded on YouTube last month shows a group of students in India, where drug use has soared to epidemic levels, holding a drug-free school day.

In the clip, a group that includes a young woman in a hijab and a boy in a pink shirt holds a day at a drug free school.

“This is called ‘Kang Bang’,” she says.

“And we have no problem with drugs.”

In the video, which has been viewed more than 1 million times, a girl in a turban can be heard saying: “We are not doing drugs.

Drugs is not our problem.”

In a country where the number of drug-related deaths is on the rise, it is a particularly important message to deliver. 

On Friday, a court in the southern state of Kerala found that a 17-year-old girl, who died in January from an overdose, was addicted to the painkiller tramadol.

The case has also brought the spotlight to the dangers of synthetic drugs, which are also used as drugs in India.

As of March 1, India had 1,851 deaths related to synthetic drugs.

Experts warn that the rise in drug-induced deaths is not simply down to a rising rate of drug use but a lack of awareness and education.

A 2014 survey by the World Health Organization found that 1.8 billion Indians have used illicit drugs at least once in their lifetime.

For the drug-addicted, the death of a loved one is often a last resort.

And in the last few months, the number has soared even as the government announced a crackdown on the use of synthetic narcotics.

On Monday, a state court in India’s western state of Rajasthan found that two boys, aged 15 and 16, who were allegedly using synthetic drugs in the same village were guilty of culpable homicide.

Their father was arrested for allegedly selling drugs to a 14-year old girl, according to police.