Trump’s drug czar wants a DEA drug czarin, drug czarnin

Trump’s new drug czars want to create an independent agency charged with monitoring and regulating the U.S. drug industry.

Trump’s nominee for drug czarto, John D. Caulkins Jr., will oversee the Office of National Drug Control Policy, which will have the power to enforce drug laws.

The White House also nominated former Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. for the post.

Drug policy advocates say the new czar will have little oversight of the drug industry or enforcement of the country’s laws.

They also say he could create a federal agency that can oversee any drug or drug-related activity.

Cauckins has been a fierce critic of mandatory minimum sentencing laws and the federal government’s efforts to combat the opioid crisis.

In a statement announcing his nomination, Holder said, “Drug policy reform is a key focus for my administration and I look forward to working with the Trump administration to strengthen our nation’s efforts against this epidemic.”

The White House has also nominated John B. Reilly, a former DEA deputy commissioner, as the next drug czarmaker.

Reilly has said the drug war needs to be more aggressive and includes an end to mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses.