When you see a drug price on a movie ticket, don’t buy it

The movie theater chain AMC recently posted the price of a movie on a digital platform, and it was $4.99.

AMC said the price was accurate and was based on the latest data.

A movie ticket purchased on the website Priceline, the cheapest on the site, costs $8.99 on average.

When you look at the box office and online data, the price on the movie box was actually higher than the average ticket price of $5.49.

However, the movie theater industry and the movie industry have been arguing that the price is too low.

AMC and Priceline have been working to resolve the price issue.

On Sunday, the two companies announced that they will collaborate to fix the problem.

AMC’s website has a box office database that lets you search for the lowest price of any film on a given day.

The company says it has already fixed the problem, and that its website will display a price for any movie that is in theaters, on the web, or on demand.

The website has also posted a price tag that shows the lowest average price on any day.

AMC, which is owned by Warner Bros. and Disney, announced the price tag on Twitter.

“Today, we launched a new website, the Movie Ticket Finder, to help our customers search for movies with the lowest ticket prices in the industry,” AMC said in a statement.

“As soon as we released this information, we were inundated with requests for a price of zero on the Movie Tickets Finder, and we’re excited to continue working with the movie theaters to make sure they can get that information.”

On Thursday, Priceline reported that it would soon make the movie ticket database available for the first time, though it did not provide an exact price.

The movie company also says that it will update the site’s pricing system every hour until the new pricing system is in place.