NFL Players say drug test should be mandatory

The NFL Players Association said Thursday that drug tests should be required for players and coaches to prevent “an epidemic of player-to-player drug use.”

The players’ union is pushing for a new rule that would require players to undergo random drug tests as a condition of reinstatement after a season.

The union also wants the NFLPA to provide a list of the substances players use to gain an edge over their opponents, including opioids, stimulants and marijuana.

“The NFLPA is a union of players and we will fight for this rule to help prevent a repeat of the 2014 lockout that was the worst drug crisis in the league’s history,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

“We believe the testing requirement for NFL players is the best and most efficient way to ensure that drug-taking behavior will not increase as a result of a lockout and is the only way to protect the health of our players and the NFL’s brand.”