How to make your friends happy with this selfie-taking app

The app, called Smile, has been a hit for its selfie-enhancing features, such as a filter that lets you adjust the exposure of your photos and the ability to capture a “beautiful” selfie for friends to see.

But the app’s biggest selling point is its “pilot” feature.

This lets you take photos and then share them with friends who have the same app, or with other people.

In other words, if you have a friend who has the app, you can make your friend’s selfie-sharing experience with Smile a little bit easier.

Here’s how to use it.


Select your profile picture and tap “Shoot a photo” in the top right corner.


Tap “Share” to send the photo to your friend.


In the Share menu, tap the “Share with a friend” button and select the person you want to share your selfie with.


In your message, share your photo with your friend and let them know you’re using Smile.


The friend’s response will appear in the message.

More to come on this in a few days.