Marijuana decriminalization proposal ‘an effective approach to drug abuse,’ says Oregon Gov.

On Tuesday, Oregon Gov, Kate Brown, signed into law the Marijuana Decriminalization Act, which aims to make the possession and use of marijuana decriminalized.

According to the Associated Press, Brown’s office said in a statement: “This legislation will end marijuana prohibition in Oregon, while protecting our communities from a harmful, dangerous and destructive drug that is no less harmful than alcohol.

We applaud Oregonians for standing up for fairness and dignity in our society and in their own state.”

The bill will also take effect in December.

While Oregon’s cannabis market remains heavily regulated, a growing number of states have loosened their control over how they regulate marijuana and have become advocates for a legalization of cannabis for recreational use.

A bill to legalize recreational marijuana is expected to come up for a vote in the state legislature in February, and a vote is expected in 2018.

A recent poll by the University of North Carolina found that 70 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana, and more than two-thirds of Americans favor allowing adults over 21 to use it for medicinal purposes.