What we know about a new drug called ‘ice drug’ and the ‘LONDON DMT’ meme

The term “ice drug” is a common reference to MDMA and related drugs.

But the term itself is more likely to refer to MDMA-like drugs, which are often laced with the hallucinogen.

This week, I wrote about the use of ice drugs in music videos.

While it’s still a relatively new term, the ice drug meme has become something of a catchall for drug references, which is to say a meme about drugs, not just drugs.

Here are some of the most popular ice drug memes on social media.

Ice drug is the term people use to describe MDMA.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons.

A common use of the term “Ice drug” to describe the hallucinatory effects of MDMA is when people use it to describe a song or video they love.

One recent meme in which someone refers to the song “Ice” and uses the term Ice drug to describe it.

One of the many memes that uses the phrase “Ice pill” to refer specifically to MDMA.

“Ice pills” are also often used to describe pills like MDMA.

Another meme featuring the phrase Ice drug.

Another Ice drug meme.

Another ice drug post on Tumblr.

This meme also refers to MDMA as “Ice weed.”

A popular meme for a song about MDMA.

A recent meme featuring “Ice and weed” in a video.

A post about the “Ice ice” meme that is often used in music video clips.

Another “Ice Ice Ice” video.

Another example of a meme that uses a different term for the drug.

A “Ice-weed” meme featuring a drug user in a song.

Another common meme used to refer, in a more creative way, to a video that uses “Ice,” and “weed.”

A “Coke-and-bake” meme using “Ice Weed.”

A meme of a video in which a person mentions “Ice”.

A meme for the “Iced-tea” meme, in which the user mentions a “Ice Tea.”

This “Ice tea” video is the most commonly-used “Ice Drug” meme.

A meme that features the video “I CANT TAKE MY LITTLE JOE OUT” as a video of MDMA use.

A video in a similar vein, featuring a person describing “Ice.”

Another “I Ice” meme about MDMA: A popular video in the video-sharing subreddit r/drugs, in reference to a song that features “Icing” lyrics.

A similar “Ice, I CANT, TAKE” video, featuring “Icicle,” “Ice Nuts,” and a “Pillow.”

A video that references the “ice pill” meme and uses it as a reference to “MDMA.”

Another video about MDMA use, featuring references to “Ice/Icicles” and “Ice Cops.”

A reference to the Ice drug term and a video about a video where a person refers to a “Icy pill.”

Another song referencing “Ice”, this one from a video for “Ice & Ice.”

A music video that features references to the “icicle” and the “pillow.”

Another parody video featuring “ice pills” and a reference, a song called “I’m so tired of your pills.”

Another one using “ice” and referencing “pillows.”

Another joke video featuring the Ice Drug meme.

One video that mentions “ice and weed.”

One song referencing MDMA and “pills.”

Another music video in reference, “I like the Ice & Ice pill.”

A parody video in homage to the ice pill meme.

Two songs referencing MDMA, one about a pill that “pays” and another about “I can’t believe you’re gonna take me out.”

One video of a song, “The Ice Ice Ice.”

Another, in tribute to the pill, that includes references to ice and weed.

A song about “Ice Icing.”

A song referencing the Ice pill meme and “pill” as an actual drug.

This is a video featuring a song titled “Ice Pill.”

A more subtle video that refers to “ice ice pills.”

A similar video featuring references and references to MDMA, “ice weed,” and the pill.

Another video featuring MDMA references.

A more obvious reference to an ice pill video.

An “ice-weed video” featuring references, “Pills, Ice, Ice,” and references about “ice.”

Another ice pill “pill video.”

A joke video about “pill pills.”

An ice pill reference video.

This video is about a drug that is commonly used in videos about MDMA and other drugs.

A parody song referencing ice pills and references.

This “ice tea” meme shows references to pill pills and MDMA.

This song references the ice pills meme.